Packaging Production Line

iO-GRID Packaging Production Line

The packing production line is one of the most important sections in the manufacturing process. It includes diversified manufacturing equipment such as labeling, packing and sealing and requires standard and rapid distributed I/O for data collection.

System Requirement

  • When there are numerous product types and sizes available, the compatibility of an equipment will drop. Thus many hours will be spent adjusting and tuning the equipment to increase the packaging productivity
  •  There are multiple steps for packaging. In the traditional single equipment method, a single PLC and its expansion I/O will be equipped in each station. Each PLCs from different stations will have to communicate with other stations through communication modules. This step may get complicated at high I/O points and is difficult to set up and maintain, dropping its efficiency. -
  • The packaging lines are spaced out, in the traditional wiring method, large amounts of wires are wasted. At long distances, there are often issues with the voltage drop.

Product Used

iO-GRID C series coupler module, power module, analog I/O module, digital I/O, wire-saving relay module and USB adapter module.

Application Method

The Modbus communication method can rapidly connect to the master PLC to quickly detect and collect data related to the machine movement status, equipment temperature and pressure using the DAUDIN high-speed bus connection equipment, sensor, signal converter, servo motor and robotic arm.

Project Highlight

Distributed I/O can import the status information of automated packing machines into the machine management system for timely understanding and to serve as an important basis for machine activation improvement and manufacturing process optimization.