Creating the cornerstone for IIoTsmart manufacturing

2020 / 11 / 18 Latest News

DAUDIN first launched the “solution for production field data collection and production information visualization” in the 2020 Taipei Automation Exhibition. By adopting the Remote I/O series of iO-GRID product line as the basis of the project, DAUDIN works at full stretch to build the important foundation of digital factory transformation for small and middle enterprises to easily enter the first mile of industry 4.0.

In the post-epidemic era, it will become an important subject for the management of middle and small manufacturing to understand the production efficiency and cost of the machine, equipment and personnel in the factory more precisely as the basis of decisions when encountering the rapid changes in the market. However, a great amount of production information of the site is required for the basis of statistics and analysis, regardless of enterprise resource software or manufacturing management software. Therefore, how to quickly acquire the real-time data from OT end in a low-cost manner while smoothly connecting to real-time data and the enterprise resources of the IT end will become the key to whether the enterprise can complete intelligentization successfully to stand out in the market!

Aiming at the urgent demand of customers for data collection and OT end information integration, DAUDIN uses the introduction experience in its own production factory to fully present the “solution for production field data collection and production information visualization.”
The benefits of the solution for the enterprise include:

  • 100% compatible with old and new equipment for information collection
  • Reducing manual copying for field data collection
  • Grasping real-time productivity and production efficiency of the machine
  • Abnormal reporting and troubleshooting monitoring
  • Effective management of abnormal energy consumption by energy monitoring
  • Visualization of situation management to march toward smart manufacturing
  • Modular design for easy extension and networking at random
  • Simple framework for easy operation to significantly reduce the hardware establishment cost

We sincerely welcome experts of different fields to visit Dinkle’s booth to offer your opinions. We promise to provide you with excitement and great benefits!